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The Meaning of David Bowie’s Lyrics to Modern Love

One of the defining characteristics of Bowie’s “Modern Love” is its circular chorus, using a cyclical chord progression and the first four degrees of C major. The song also includes references to modern marriage and humanist religion, but does not explicitly define “modern love.”

Modern Love was originally released as the opening track of Bowie’s 1983 Let’s Dance album. It was produced by David Bowie and Chic’s Nile Rodgers. It has elements of new wave music. The song was recorded at Power Station in Manhattan, and Bowie performed it on his tour The Serious Moonlight. It was one of Bowie’s most popular songs, and the album’s title refers to the song’s subject matter.

The album begins with a dismal and depressing message. Bowie’s voice is the best thing about his music, and it never falters. His voice never doubts himself and always tries to sell himself through his music. Similarly, David Spinner and the Simms Brothers are both demented glee club members, serving as surrogates for the audience. Modern Love is a defining album for a new generation of rock music lovers.

“Let’s Dance” became a huge hit in the United Kingdom and the US, selling six million copies. The album went on to chart at No. 2 in the UK and at number 14 on the US Billboard Hot 100. “Starman” was also featured in Bowie’s set at Live Aid in 1985, his Glass Spider tour in 1987 and Sound+Vision tour in 1990. The song also made its way into several films, including the films Frances Ha (2013) and Sleeping With Other People (2015).

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